Add a meal

  1. Take an image of a fresh / cooked meal or food item, which is not packaged and ideally is placed on a plate.
  2. Click on the + button to add a meal then select “Meal” to record it using the camera select “Meal photo”, Search using the search bar to add a meal without an image and “Scan Barcode” to scan a packaged food or drink item.




Specify a meal

A meal can be made up of different ingredients. Each of them can be specified in detail. For each detected ingredient in the image:

  1. The algorithm makes suggestions on the type of food.
  2. When there is no matching suggestion you can “Show more” and you will get additional suggestions.
  3. In case still none of the suggestions matches you can use the search bar at the bottom to search the entire database

The food recognition gets better with every image. When you upload the same type of food multiple times, it should start to recognise it.



  1. When using the 3D analysis, the weight gets calculated using the 3D camera, which is available in newer iPhones. When the 3D Analysis is not active, the portions are based on standard portion sizes and might need to be adjusted to fit your specific meal. If needed, the portion can be adjusted by changing the weight and the units. To see which phones support the 3D analysis, see here:

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Click continue to “Save” to proceed.


Check the home screen

Besides the carbs and the nutritional breakdown SNAQ also shows the post-meal glucose curve when glucose data is imported. Moreover you can add notes, insulin and activities by clicking on the “+”